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What’s the difference between 60 and 72 cell Solar Modules?

72-cell solar panels (modules) are generally the same width as 60-cell solar panels allowing the same number of rails for racking, but they feature 2 extra rows of solar cells which add to the length of the module.

The extra two rows lower overall module production cost per watt, therefore 72-cell solar panels tend to cost less per watt and will reduce installation time by requiring fewer modules than 60-cell modules.

Solar modules are generally around ½ Volt per cell, so a 72-cell solar module will typically be 6 volts or so higher in voltage, and weigh 6 to 10 Lbs. more than a 60 cell module.

Both 60 and 72 cell modules are available with monocrystalline and polycrystalline technologies. Monocrystalline PV arrays are somewhat more desirable in cooler less sunny environments by those requiring as much power harvest possible given a limited area.

In hot sunny areas, (Arizona and New Mexico come to mind) mono modules suffer, because they’re black and extra heat causes less efficiency and output. Current polycrystalline technologies are also quite efficient, approaching efficiencies of monocrystalline, at a somewhat lower price per watt on average.

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