SolarEdge GSM Modem w/SIM Including 5 year Verizon Data

Item Number: SEI-20012
Manufacturer: SolarEdge
Model Number: SE-GSM-R05-US-S1
Manufacturer Country: Various
Last Price Update: 05/07/2019

SolarEdge GSM Modem Monitoring w/SIM Used On Residential HDWave Solar Inverters up to 11.4kW with 5 year Data Plan - Verizon


Remotely monitor your solar electric SolarEdge System in real time using your Verizon Cell Phone service provider. Low Data Useage - with 5 years of Data pre-paid. For use with all new SolarEdge HDWave residential solar inverters up to 11.4kW in size. For use in the United States only.


Connects SolarEdge inverters wirelessly to the internet

- No need for internet infrastructure at site

- Installed within the inverter enclosure for outdoor resilience

- Enables remote analysis and troubleshooting

- Supports low brandwidth configuration for reduced data usage and cost

- Includes SolarEdge data plan

- Future proof power optimization at the module-level

- Text generation maintenance with module-level monitoring

- Module-level voltage shutdown for installer and firefighter safety

- Use with two PV modules connected in series

Easy and flexible installation use the same installation methods as exist today. Power Optimizers allow parallel uneven length solar panel strings and multi-faceted, multi-surfaced installations. You can even use and connect up a variation of different module types. This system offers immediate installation feedback for quick commissioning.

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