Sun Pumps SCP-75-40-105 BC Pool Pump

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Item Number: SPC-7540105
Last Price Update: 08/10/2022
Manufacturer: Sun Pumps
Made In: United States
Model Number: SCP 75-40-105 BC


Solar Pool Pump, 75GPM, 40FT Head, 120VDC, Brushless Motor

Flow Range: 45-95 GPM (170-360 LPM)

Head Range: 5-50 Ft. (1.5-15 Mt.)

DC Voltage Range: 60-105

Controller: PCA 120-BLS-M2 or PCC 120-BLS-M2

Discharge Size: 2" NPT

Suction Size: 2" NPT

Certification: ETL Listed

Sun Pumps SCP 75-40-105 BC solar powered centrifugal pool pump with brushless DC motor is the ultimate in performance and reliability. There are two types to choose from, the BC series with a 2 outlet and the BV, or "High Volume" series with a 2 ½ outlet, designed for large pools. SCP series solar pool pumps will replace almost any AC powered pool pump up to 3 HP and because they get their power from the sun, you will never have an electric bill.

The SCP 75-40-105 BC pump is perfect for pool water filtration, for fountains, water features, pond aeration, circulating water for aqua culture, and irrigating small farms. It was designed for use as a stand-alone water delivery system.

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