Sun Pumps 75-90 VDC SPB-10-16C-1.0 Triplex Piston Pump

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Item Number: SPC-115005
Last Price Update: 08/10/2022
Manufacturer: Sun Pumps
Made In: United States
Model Number: SPB-10-16C-1.0

Sun Pumps 75-90 VDC SPB-10-16C-1.0 Triplex Piston Pump

SPB 10-16C 1HP 90V
Flow Range: 5 - 12 GPM (18.9 - 45 LPM)
Head Range: Up to 1600 Ft. (488 Mt.)
Pressure: Up to 700 PSI (48 Bar)
DC Voltage Range: 75 90
Max Load Current: 10 Amps
Controller: PCC-BT-M2

Sun Pumps SPB10-16C series triplex piston booster pumps will deliver up to 12 GPM with heads up to 1600 feet. There are four models to choose from ranging from 1 HP to 3 HP. These piston pumps are high quality positive displacement pumps designed for very high pressure applications up to 700 PSI (48 bar). They can be used as a high pressure injection pump, for pumping water up a mountain or for any high head or high pressure application.

Sun Pumps SPB series triplex pump systems come as a complete package including the pump, motor, mounting base, pulleys, geared belt and belt guard. Each pump system is custom built and tested for the customer0073 specific application.

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