Sun Xtender

Sun Xtender

The SunXtender line of AGM Batteries are the perfect choice for all renewable energy storage applications. Off-grid or battery back-up these maintenance free batteries are the top quality option.

AGM batteries cost more than their wet-cell counterparts, but there are several features that make them the obvious choice in some circumstances;

1. If freezing conditions are expected, i.e. an unheated cabin in Montana that can only be reached 9 months out of the year because of snow. AGM batteries won’t freeze even if they’re deeply discharged.

2. There’s no need to worry about the periodic watering required by wet cell batteries. The hydrogen and oxygen recombines in the battery to retain the moisture caused by charging.

3. They’re sealed and with normal charging they won’t outgas hydrogen and oxygen. They will however out-gas when they’re overcharged.

4. They don’t spew out the fine mist of sulfuric acid that makes the battery cabling funky and corroded.

5. They charge quicker and easier than wet-cell batteries.

Buying AGMs solely so you don’t have to water them is probably not enough reason to buy them given the extra cost.

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