SunRotor SR-16 Centrifugal Submersible Solar Pump 110V

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Item Number: SPP-016451
Last Price Update: 06/27/2022
Manufacturer: SunRotor Solar Products
Made In: United States
Model Number: SR-16


SunRotor SR-16 Centrifugal Submersible Solar Pump 110V

The SR-16 is the most powerful pump we offer from SunRotor. This is a multi-stage propeller pump that can pump to the lowest of depths. The SR-16 out-performs the competition at mid-range pumping depths.

This pump requires a SunRotor DC Input Controller SRC-M200T (our item number SPP-03200) in order to operate properly. Running this pump with any other controller can result in pump failure and will void the warranty on the pump.

SunRotor SR-16 Specifications:

Nominal 110 volt operation
200 Voc maximum input voltage

Power range 855 watts to 1560 watts
Solar, battery or a combination
Maximum functional lift capability of 425 ft (137.2 m)
Max flow at 100 ft (30.5 m) is 16.2 gallons/min (61.32 liters/ min) with 1560 watts and 152.6 volts PV input
Submersion limit of 100 ft below static water level (ex: 100 ft submersion + 50 ft static water level: 150 ft)
3.75" diameter (95 mm) fits 4" (102 mm) casing Weight : 27 pounds (12.5 kg)
Submersible motor protected from ambient water by oil filled jacket (vegetable based oil protects potable water source if vessel is compromised
Brushless DC motor technology avoids conventional DC brush maintenance and replacement
All electronics are mounted above ground for longer life and easy access
Entire pump body is stainless steel to comply with all local code and pump installation requirements
Multi-stage Impeller Pump
1.25" (32 mm) FNPT outlet
304 Stainless Steel pump body and impellers
CE certified
ISO 9001

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