Trojan Battery Company

Trojan Battery Company

Trojan Battery knows that building the highest performance batteries doesn’t just happen by chance. It requires knowing the needs of your customers. It requires knowing our competitors and the products they build. And it requires sheer determination and an unwavering commitment to quality. 

That is why for over 90 years the heart and soul of Trojan Battery has been dedicated to advanced technology, pioneering innovation, comprehensive testing and manufacturing excellence.


    Wet Cell

  1. Part#TRO-65132

    Price: $199.97
  2. Part#TRO-65135

    Price: $195.97
  3. Part#TRO-65115

    Price: $171.97
  4. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

  5. Part#TRO-12140

    Price: $431.97
  6. Part#TRO-12100

    Price: $267.97
  7. Part#TRO-12089

    Price: $259.97
  8. Part#TRO-12076

    Price: $233.97
  9. Part#TRO-12033

    Price: $133.97
  10. Industrial

  11. Gel Cell

  12. Part#TRO-90225

    Price: $747.97
  13. Part#TRO-90189

    Price: $333.97
  14. Part#TRO-90210

    Price: $333.97
  15. Part#TRO-90091

    Price: $309.97
  16. Part#TRO-90125

    Price: $379.97
  17. Part#TRO-90102

    Price: $319.97
  18. Part#TRO-90077

    Price: $257.97
  19. Battery Service Accessories

  20. Part#TRO-210115

    Price: $14.97
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