Trojan Solar SSIG 06 255 [T105] Golf Cart 6V 229 AH Battery

Trojan Solar SSIG 06 255 [T105] Golf Cart 6V 229 AH Battery
Price: $157.97

Item Number:TRO-602251
Weight:62.00 lbs
Manufacturer:Trojan Battery Company
Model Number:T105
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:05/18/2018


Trojan Solar T105 [SSIG 06 255] Golf Cart 6V 229 AH Battery 6V 225

AH Battery is the smallest deep cycle battery we sell. With its low initial cost and 3 - 5 year life, it serves well for all manner of golf carts. We recommend the T105 batteries listed on this page for Golf Cars only.

As this battery is a Golf Cart Battery we do not recommend this Trojan T-105 Battery for Renewable Energy Solar applications. If you have a very small Renewable Energy system and want to learn about operating batteries, start with the Trojan T-105-RE instead of this one.

The Trojan T105RE (TRO-10225) is the one you should consider for small 48 volt Renewable Energy solar electric systems. RE stands for renewable energy and they are built with thicker plates, making them last longer.

Call Toll Free 888-826-0939 with questions about Trojan batteries. We have a low-price guarantee!

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Local Pick-up Options Available Almost Everywhere in the Lower 48 States.
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