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Trojan Trillium Li-ion 25.6V 25AH

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Item Number: TRO-80025
Manufacturer: Trojan
Model Number: TR 25.6-25 Li-ion
Last Price Update: 05/01/2019

Trojan Trillium 25.6V 25AH Lithuim

Trojan's Intelligent Lithium battery is designed and engineered in the USA. Trillium can be used in a variety of stationary and motive power applications. From its superior cell and battery design to its intelligent, built-in diagnostics, Trillium offers a range of advanced safety, environmental and electronic features not found in competitive products. With life expectancy well over 5,000 cycles, Trillium will deliver outstanding return on investment over time, plus the legendary quality Trojan Battery is known for.


Trillium features a Trojan-specific cell, which undergoes a 128-point quality control check and is 100 percent X-ray inspected to ensure the highest quality. It’s cobalt-free and nickel-free, and it features the industry’s safest chemistry.
Most importantly, Trillium features extraordinary life—greater than 5,000 cycles—and this power is packed into a battery footprint that’s 20 percent smaller than competitive offerings.


Trillium has automotive-grade components for durability, safety, and a current sensor, fuse, and temperature sensor. It’s waterproof and dust proof, with an IP67 environmental rating—the highest in its class by far.
Trillium is designed to be a true replacement for deep-cycle lead-acid batteries and can be used with existing lead-acid chargers with AGM/GEL settings (I-E profile).


Trillium offers unique, advanced electronic features such as a visual SOC (state of charge) gauge on the top of the battery.* A microprocessor* ensures the battery is completely self-protected, and if a problem is detected, will turn itself off. When a problem goes away, it turns back on, automatically self-healing.
Integrated Controller Area Network (CAN)** communications share battery data—state of charge, state of health, and fault status—with other devices.
Trillium also has the built-in ability to track lifetime amp-hours throughput and historical fault data is stored.*


Trillium gives you more runtime and a longer life than competitors’ batteries in its class and delivers consistent power across the state of charge range. It can be charged in less than two hours. It features a simple system that is scalable up to 48 volt applications.


Trillium is designed and engineered in the USA by Trojan, the world’s leadingsupplier of deep-cycle batteries for nearly 100 years. You can be confident Trilliumis the highest quality product on the market—backed by Trojan’s extraordinary customer support.

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