Universal Power Group

Universal Power Group

Universal Power Group manufactures their batteries in China. UPG is one of the leading global suppliers and distributors of sealed lead-acid AGM batteries. They stock one of the largest inventories of VRLA batteries in the nation.

This is a good choice for those on a budget as you can get an AGM battery for about the same price as an equivalent Wet-Cell Battery


    Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

  1. Part#UPG-45823

    Price: $129.97
  2. Part#UPG-40870

    Price: $355.97
  3. Part#UPG-45965

    Price: $287.97
  4. Part#UPG-45822

    Price: $119.97
  5. Part#UPG-45966

    Price: $183.97
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