UPG AGM Group 30H 12 Volt 110AH Battery

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Item Number: UPG-45981
Last Price Update: 11/12/2020
Manufacturer: UPG
Model Number: D5751/UB121100

UPG AGM Group 30H 12 Volt 110AH Battery

This is for use in any application which takes a beefy deep cycle battery, but not too big to be carried. This size battery is actually one of the favorites for trolling motors. It probably would take two people to carry it down to the dock or maybe you could roll it in a wheel barrel.

This state-of-the-art lead-acid battery is the valve-regulated type (called sealed, AGM or maintenance-free), which fixes the acid electrolyte in a gel or in an absorptive fiberglass mat. The advantage of this design is that the battery needs no water additions, can be operated in any position, and can be used in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment. Additional benefits: maintenance-free,sealed no-leak design, higher cranking amps, lower self-discharge, greater vibration resistance, heavy duty, no-corrosion terminals.

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