Victron VE.Direct non-inverting remote on-off cable

Item Number: VIC-54010
Manufacturer: Victron Energy
Model Number: ASS030550320
Manufacturer Country: Various
Free Shipping: Free Shipping
Last Price Update: 10/30/2019

Victron VE.Direct Non-inverting Remote On/Off Cable

This cable is intended for on/off control of SmartSolar and BlueSolar MPPT solar chargers with a VE.Direct interface. It will switch the product on when the source signal turns high, and switch the product off when the source signal turns low or becomes free floating. Note regarding the MPPT 75/10, 75/15 and 100/15: the VE.Direct RX pin of these models must be set to remote on/off instead of the default battery life enable/disable setting. Use VictronConnect to change this setting.

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