Rain Harvesting Maelstrom

Item Number: RHS-10040
Manufacturer: Rain Harvesting Pty.
Model Number: RHML01
Manufacturer Country: Various
Last Price Update: 07/28/2019

Rain Harvesting Maelstrom RHML01

The Maelstrom Rainwater Filter has superior functionality and versatility than any pre-tank filtration product currently on the market today. With the ability to be mounted in many different ways and when paired with compatible Leaf Eaters, Tank Screens and First Flush Diverters, you can maximize the performance and longevity of your Rainwater Harvesting System.

The single point, tank-top filter and it’s U-shaped design is not only groundbreaking but also blocks out light that would support algae growth. With 4” inlet/outlet/overflow, complete with flexible rubber couplers, The Maelstrom is equipped with 180 micron filter screen filters – 5 times smaller than is achieved with standard tank screens. All of this reduces the amount of cleaning leaf and debris build up through self-flushing, as well as reducing the frequency of tank cleaning but lowering common sediment build up and in turn saves on cleaning/maintenance costs.

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