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Water Pumping

Water Pumping

Pumping water and paying an electric power company for the power is an incredibly expensive proposition. Solar BiZ has solutions to eliminate this cost.

Water is important to all of us. Solar BiZ sells a huge selection of Well Pumps, Surface Pumps, Booster Pumps and Hot Water Pumps from all the major USA manufacturers of both DC Powered Pumps and a small selection of AC Powered Pumps as well.

Often, it’s the “where” you’re pumping the water at, that dictates the Setup, as in pumping at a remote location, where there’s no power grid at all. Fortunately, if you fall into the above circumstance, you’re very lucky… why? Because we can set you up with a system that pumps water for free forever!

We have been selling water pumps and filters for years, call us Toll Free 888-826-0939 with questions about pumps or filters.


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