WISY Coarse Floating Stainless Pickup Screen 1.25 inch w/Hose

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Item Number: WSY-020125
Last Price Update: 10/10/2022
Manufacturer: WISY
Made In: Germany
Model Number: SZ9928 with hose

WISY Coarse Floating Stainless Pickup Screen 1.25" w/Hose

The Floating inlet filter floats at all times, suspended just below the water surface where the cleanest water lies. From this position the water is extracted by the pump. A ball float, filled with air, suspends the intake, which has a further filter. A floating suction filter fine screen is absolutely essential for every rainwater installation. Increase the safety of every rainwater installation through preventing sediment and foreign matter from being suctioned out of your water tank.

For drawing rainwater out of water tanks, ponds or wells. Preventing foreign matter larger than 0.3 mm. Fine filter housing with a spout that is easy on the hose, with or without a non-return valve. No extra suction resistance is caused through the larger filter surface with this fine filter. This means the pump can develop its optimum effectiveness. The ball float allows the suction point to rise and fall with the water level and ensures that the water is taken where it is most clean: just below the water surface.

Each floating filter is supplied with a standard 7 length of food grade suction hose. Since the floating filter should be inspected at least annually, additional hose may be necessary to allow the floating filter to be lifted from the tank.

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