Xantrex LinkLITE Battery Monitor (Primary & AUX Bank)

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Item Number: XAN-74014
Last Price Update: 10/03/2022
Manufacturer: Xantrex
Made In: Netherlands
Model Number: 84-2030-00

Xantrex LinkLITE Battery Monitor

Defining the amount of energy available in a battery is a complex task since battery age, discharge current and temperature all influence the actual battery capacity. High performance measuring circuits, along with complex software algorithms, are used to exactly determine the remaining battery capacity. A new shunt selection feature enables the LinkPRO and LinkLITE to measure currents up to 10,000 and 1,000 amps respectively. The LinkPRO and LinkLITE selectively displays voltage, charge and discharge current, consumed amp hours, remaining battery capacity and the LinkPRO also displays the time remaining of your battery bank. Using a clear backlit LCD Display and an intuitive user interface, all parameters can be recalled with just a button press.

A second battery input is also provided to monitor voltage on a second battery bank. The LinkPRO and LinkLITE are equipped with an internal programmable alarm relay, to run a generator when needed or to turn off devices when the battery voltage exceeds programmable boundaries. Performance Features include: Read your battery bank like a fuel gauge, provides critical information about the status of your battery bank. Displays voltage, current, and consumed amp hours and remaining battery capacity. Secondary battery bank voltage monitoring, auto sensing battery voltage inputs. Large backlit LCD Display, quick nut mounting construction. Programmable alarm relay, shunt selection capability enables flexible system integration. Splash proof front panel, 500 Amp shunt included, and CE and e-mark certified.

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