Xantrex XPower Inverter 5000W

Item Number: XAN-95000
Manufacturer: Xantrex
Model Number: 813-5000-UL
Last Price Update: 01/12/2020

Xantrex XPower Inverter 5000W


XPower Inverters connect easily to 12 volt batteries to provide AC power for a variety of medium to heavy duty applications. Designed for easy installation and operation, the XPower inverters provide a reliable source of power onboard trucks, RVs and boats to run home appliances, consumer electronics, entertainiment systems, power tools, office equipment and much more.

They are also suitable for small contractors who need to operate handheld power tools from their van or pick-up truck. The powerful 5000-watt model has four GFCI outlets for multiple loads and an easy-to-read digital display for instant system information. All models meet the stringent UL458 regulatory requirements.

These inverters provide AC power source onboard trucks, RVs and boats. Featuring high surge capability, they are ideal for users who may need to power multiple loads such as appliances, power tools and other onboard electronics at the same time.


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