Xantrex Technology is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced power electronic products and systems for the mobile power markets. With more than three decades of design, engineering and manufacturing experience backed by Schneider Electric’s global infrastructure, Xantrex power solutions offer an enviable mix of advanced technology and unmatched bankability.

Our knowledge and experience in advanced power electronics is helping to accelerate the commercialization of emerging power systems and solutions. Our company's growth is fuelled by increasing demand for advanced power electronics, which is driven by:

  • Society's dependence on electronic devices
  • Concern over the supply of quality, reliable electricity
  • Need for independence from traditional power sources

    Battery Chargers

  1. Part#XAN-74013

    Price: $145.97
  2. Parts & Accessories

  3. Part#XAN-74012

    Price: $77.97
  4. Part#XAN-74000

    Price: $313.97
  5. Off Grid

  6. Part#XAN-21800

    Price: $729.97
  7. Part#XAN-8021500

    Price: $473.97
  8. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

  9. Marine & RV

  10. Part#XAN-8061840

    Price: $519.97
  11. Part#XAN-8061055-02

    Price: $581.97
  12. Part#XAN-72000

    Price: $619.97
  13. Part#XAN-73524

    Price: $1,659.97
  14. Part#XAN-72524

    Price: $1,447.97
  15. Part#XAN-73024

    Price: $1,771.97
  16. Part#XAN-73012

    Price: $1,735.97
  17. Part#XAN-72024

    Price: $1,515.97
  18. Part#XAN-72012

    Price: $1,445.97
  19. Part#XAN-95000

    Price: $565.97
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